Day 23 — I skipped a day

I should have title this belated post as “crash and burn” because that’s what happened to me yesterday. 

I packed the day with so many activities for both me and the kids. Mine were house chore related and theirs were sun and water related. By the end of the day I crashed on the bed after a nice shower, getting the kitchen smell off from my hair and all. And for “burn” I mean I did not apply enough sun block and the sun really burned my shoulder from sitting in the sun while the kids were in the wading pool/water pad for nearly three hours. Ouch, it hurts!

But yeah, it was a mundane day so nothing much to write. 

The kids always have fun, always! And that’s what matters most to me right now. 




5 thoughts on “Day 23 — I skipped a day

  1. Water park chỗ này dzui heng. Mùa này, tụi nhỏ mê vọc nước nhất luôn mà. Nhìn 2 anh em nựng nhau cưng quá nè.

    Chèng ui, nói vụ sun burn, tui cũng bị nắng cháy đen thui luôn rồi.

      1. Mùa hè, thả tụi nhỏ ra mấy chỗ water park là quá dzui mà. Gặp tui, tui cũng mê nữa chớ nói chi tụi nhỏ á! 🙂

    1. they have so much fun. We have been going to the wading pool 4 times this week.

      Thank you, my sunburn is better today; I applied many coats of vaseline.

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