Day 24 — Tendril


For Father’s Day, Tendril wrote a card for O, saying that he is the only father figure that she has in her life, and is thankful that he imparts wisdom to enlighten her life. O was surprised receiving the card because a few days prior she gave us a full coverage of how her mother was upset at her for not calling the mother’s boyfriend to wish him a happy Father’s Day.

It’s been two months since she came back to live with us. I think she is adjusting well into a structured environment. She has a boyfriend and asks for our permission as well as curfew time whenever she wants to meet him. We have not allowed her to bring the boyfriend home and he has to pick her up a block away from the house. That’s Mr. O’s rule, not mine. 

This week she started summer school to make up for one earth science credit and I think she does well. Everyday she shares the things she learned about tree and plants and dominant traits and whatnots. Two days ago she texted me and said that we should water the garden at dusk because that’s when photosynthesis makes things happen for the plants to grow. I thought that was cute. 

There are still days when she is wired back to her old ways of thinking about herself and her life, but now she would talk to us about it and finds her way out of that dark hole of her past. 

Next week she is going to Florida to visit her father, my eldest brother, after two years of hiatus. I told her don’t expect too much of fatherly connection because the distance between them is just to much to find a short bridge that connects the two ends. Moreover, with the language barriers (my brother speaks minimal English), they are not able to communicate and have the kind of conversation like she has with us. Last time she was there, that’s what happened which had her called me in frantic mode, crying and wailing about the lack of attention she received from her father. Lesson learned. This time I told her to enjoy the weather, Disney World, sun tanning at the beach, and have fun with her cousin Tiny. 

She is getting her driver license in two months. I am not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. Either way, she is becoming an adult with her own time. 


4 thoughts on “Day 24 — Tendril

    1. Cha nó cũng không phải là một người tình cảm cho lắm vì nếu là một người tình cảm thì sẽ biết cách để tâm sự với con cho dù ngôn ngữ khác nhau. Nói chung chuyện anh Hai của em là viết ra tiểu thuyết luôn cũng được nữa chị ơi.

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