Day 26 — rain, rain, come again!

Every child must have a memory of a summer rain shower, because it would complete the whole walking-down-the-memory-lane conversation when he meets his love and recalls how wonderful life was at age five, when his father allowed him to run free in the backyard under the afternoon rain shower.

His first love would respond in wonderment, saying “oh, my parents did not let me do that!” and wishes that she had the same experience. Then he will hold her hand as they are looking at the rain, and will agree that their children would have that must-have experience in their future.

Ok, I am way far ahead of myself. 😀 I don’t think my children will do that. It’s just the hopeless romantic in me that unleashed these kind of romantic imagery.

Growing up in a tropical region of South Vietnam gave me a lot of these childhood memories. Life was economically tough back then but I think many of my happiest memories come from the long months of monsoon seasons. When heavy rain rushed down from the sky, together with the kids in our neighborhood, my siblings and I would rush out to the streets, and play all kind of games there were to play.

We found houses with big rain gutters and stood underneath to have rain water gushed down on our heads. Or we traced along the neighborhood’s rain trenches made out of cement and bricks to catch tadpoles or frogs or even fresh water fish that came down from the mountain’s creeks. Sometimes we ran to the beach, and had it both way — salty ocean water below and sweet rain water came from above. We shivered with purple lips and wrinkled fingers after an hour or two, then retreated to our homes for hot bowls of chè (Vietnamese sweet bean dessert).

Mom used to have a refreshment/dessert stall, and the rain would dampen her daily sale revenue, but for us kids it was a rejoice because we could eat the unsold-able amount of left-over chè.

Life was indeed sweet with such moments that I treasure so dearly!

P.S. Peanut might look back and wonder why he isn’t in the photos. Well, that’s because he took a long nap after two hours spent at the wading pool. He missed out on the experience, but there is always a next rain shower waiting for him.

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