Day 28 — Hmong Village in St. Paul

I am two-day late in posting and this is a make-up post for Sunday, July 28, 2015.

I first heard about Hmong Village when working at the university, where one of my colleagues is of Hmong-descent and told me about the place in St. Paul. It only took me two years to finally get myself together for a trip, actually it was a cultural excursion, because my jaw dropped as I walked into this huge massive warehouse that became a little contained world in itself.

The market is an bustling ethnic enclave that caters to the needs and want for Hmong community. There is a section for fresh produce and asian greens, clothing stores that display traditional, fusion, and modern Hmong garbs for both men and women. There were even music and video stores that sales CDs and DVDs of Hmong music and movies.

Then when we moved on to the food court, my mouth started to salivate. I wanted the papaya salad, and I got one all to myself. The salad reminded me of the first time O took me to the Lowell Festival, in Lowell, MA. But I digressed, the Hmong Village was a surprised visit, even though we planned to go there, I was so impressed at what I saw.

Then I told O, how come the Vietnamese community never have anything like this, or even to a lesser degree, there is no central place to really make it like “home” in MN?

(Making this a quick post because I have to take the boys out to a kids’ concert at the park right now!)

Pardon the bad photos. I don’t know how to take photos of indoor-lowlight places where people were walking fast and not wanting to be in the pictures.


9 thoughts on “Day 28 — Hmong Village in St. Paul

    1. Jeanette,

      Here is the address:
      1001 Johnson Pkwy, St Paul, MN 55106

      It’s right at the corner of Phalen Blvd and Johnson Parkway. The parking is huge, but also packed. We went there right at lunch time so it took a while to find a spot.

      There is also Hmong Market right on Como Ave but I have not checked it out yet.

    1. Em thiệt là nể phục Cộng đồng của họ đó chị. Họ hiền lắm và vẫn có nhiều người thành đạt chức vị cao trong state goverment và mấy social agencies.

      Em đi chợ thấy rau cải họ trồng ở nông trại của họ mà em ham.

  1. nhìn mấy cái ná thun làm nhớ ngày xưa quá nàng ui!

    mấy ng` H’mong đúng là họ sống quây quần, đoàn kết với nhau lắm nà.

    1. họ rất đoàn kết và cộng đồng họ rất mạnh nó người iu. Còn cộng đồng người Việt ở đây thì thưa thớt nên không đóng góp gì nhiều cho tiểu bang

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