Day 29 — Mom scared us

This post was in my draft box last night but I was too tired to finish.

Mom wants to sell the house, but she wants to stay there over the summer. My brother who lives in the north side of town insisted that she would move in with him, but she does not want to stay there full time and split her time between two places for now. On her days off she would come back to the house in Minneapolis; she likes the freedom, and perhaps she is also too attached to the house. I don’t blame her, we have that house for 20 years now, all the memories, most of the major events of our lives — they are all there!

But leaving her at the house by herself is making all of us uneasy because, god forbids, if something happens we cannot get there in time to help. That side of Minneapolis is relatively safe now, but back then it was a crime-infested neighborhood.

Just like today, we all tried to call her but the phone was off. By 7 p.m., one of my older brothers asked me to drive to the house since I live the closest to her. Tendril and I took the 10-minute drive, and time that took me there I was really scared for what might happen if we reach our destination.

Tendril and I got there, we did a quick inspection on the outside, then I let us in with my copy of her house’s key. It was dark on the first floor, she closed all the blinds and curtains. It was very eerie, and my heart was palpitating. We walked slowly up the stairs to find Mom in her room dozing off while watching some old Vietnamese music variety shows, not knowing that we approached her room.

Fortunately, she was fine but her phone was broken and she could not make any calls either. I quickly did a quick group text telling the siblings that mom was fine. Every one responded with “trời ơi!” (Oh my god!)


I gave her a hug and stayed there to chat with her for awhile until I had to go home and prepare the kids for bedtime.


9 thoughts on “Day 29 — Mom scared us

    1. Có rồi chị. Hôm nay anh tư của em đi mua cho mẹ cái phone mới. Mà mẹ em không muốn xài phone loại bây giờ, thích loại có nút bấm flip phone. Bây giờ thì loại này người ta ít có bán lắm.

      1. Trời ơi, thì ra chị và mẹ em cùng chung chí hướng rồi.

        Hồi trưa qua thăm nói mẹ ơi mẹ xài smart phone nha thì mẹ nói đối với ai thì phone nó smart chứ đối với mẹ là phone nó ngu. Hết biết!

      2. Chị thì do hà tiện và lười. Chị ít khi dùng phone để trò chuyện tán gẫu. Người ta nói im lặng là vàng nhưng bây giờ nói qua điện thoại là tiền bạc. Mỗi lần đổi phone thì tốn kém và mất thì giờ và chị chỉ dùng phone khi nào không thể không dùng. Bao nhiêu phút bao nhiêu data thì hai cô con gái dùng sạch bén luôn. Trước sau gì thì cũng phải learn new technology nhưng ông Tám còn đang lựa chọn new plan nên chị vẫn còn dùng cái flip phone free của Samsung từ đời ông cố hỉ 🙂

      3. Nhiều lúc em cũng muốn dùng loại phone như chị vậy đó vì điện thoai mới nó tốn kém quá.

  1. Mình cũng còn dùng flip phone….bạn nó gọi là Star Trek phone! Đánh rơi nó đến bao lần rồi mà vẫn không sao. Mình cũng như BT, ít dùng cell, có là để phòng hờ emergency.

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