Day 30 — wrapping up the month

Finally I am at the end of my month-long daily posts. I don’t know if I gain anything huge, but these daily posts kept me sane. This blog is an escape for me from the grind of my life chasing after two kids. I have been blogging for years, since 2001 to be exact, and even though I don’t find these posts interesting at the moment writing it, I am always grateful that with modern technology I am able to look back at small moments as keepsakes. 

Now that I have my children I feel more compelled to jot down these mundane thoughts. Who knows, one of them will grow up to be a prolific writer gaining fame from his mother’s daily blogging. He will put together a memoir, with high resolution images to go along with the text, showcasing how their childhood impact the success they gain in their future. I am being quite optimistic about this. Nevertheless, whether or not they will use this blog to gain success, I am sure they will read this blog with delightful eyes that their mama was consistent in keeping their childhood alive through words. That what they remember will be reinforced by what I keep here. 

I also looked back to last June’s series and realized that life has gotten me busier this year compare to last. The boys are growing, active, and demanding of my time, which is a good thing because I am needed. I also remembered that it’s been two years since I quit my job to be a full-time mom. Reading the blog posts again, with all the things I do and time I spend with the boys, it reaffirms me that other people can do my job at work but no one can do my job at home. It’s a lose-some situation that I had to quit working, missing years of climbing the corporate ladder and salary jumps. But it is also a gain-a-lot situation that cannot be bought with money, because how can you buy the first-hand experience and time you witness and watch your children grow up? 

Living with one-income does not give us the freedom to do frivolous things like other parents. We don’t travel to far-away destinations that deliver an escape from daily life, but we make up for that by doing things that we all enjoy, even when we have tech-free hours and just play with the kids at home. I still dream about the far-away places though, but that can wait, because right now my priority is to raise these boys to be kind, curious, and culturally aware. Then when they get older we can show them the wonders of the world. 

To wrap up this post, I want to showcase a photo of PP who had the courage to volunteer at the free Kid Show at the park today. I call him the Frumpy-Crumpy-Party-Pooper because he hardly warms up to enjoying these events, let alone take part in an activity. But somehow today I sat next to him and encouraged him, soon enough he volunteered for the last part of the show. 

Moment like this, I couldn’t dream of having as a working mom, because I would not have the time of the day to take him to a park at noon on a working day to watch a show. I am one who used to have the double-edged guilt between work and being a mom. 

Just in case you cannot see from this poorly captured by an iPhone photo, he is fifth from the right, holding the stick with the spinning plate at the tip. 


Thank you for following along with my month of June. I have gained so many followers this past month more than I had the other months. I am not sure if my posts are relatable to your life, but one thing for sure that I write not because of page views or for gaining popularity. This is a personal blog I share with the public, and I write with sincerity. 


10 thoughts on “Day 30 — wrapping up the month

  1. Who knows someday, not only her son but also the Mom, will become prolific writers. Your posts are fun to read, and many times I had those wishful moments, after I read your posts, that If I could I would spend more time with my children when they were at tender age. I lost all precious, magic moments to build warm close relationship with my children. Up till now I always regret that I do not show enough love and care to my children.

    1. Chị nói làm em hopeful quá.

      Bởi vậy em phục mấy chị working Mom vẹn toàn bên trong bên ngoài gì cũng giỏi hết. Mà thôi hồi đó chuyện cơm áo gạo tiền thì phải gain some lose some vậy đó chị. Em thì hên có O làm lương cũng đủ trang trải tuy không dư nhưng tụi em sống căn bản lắm.

      1. Chị may là có cái career làm part time/weekend được lúc tụi nhỏ còn bé. Những lúc con bị ốm thì chị glad that I was a stay at home mom. Gia đình chị giống em, ít đi vacations sang. Vacation toàn những nơi tầm vòng lái xe + hiking.

      2. em cũng muốn tìm part time job để làm, nhưng sợ lại phải xa con không ai chăm lo. Ông O đi làm xa hoài nên cũng hơi khó cho em.

    2. BT ơi làm mẹ bao giờ mình cũng nghĩ mình không làm đủ hết cho con mình. Có lúc mình cảm thấy guilty mình không có chăm cho thằng Lĩnh nhiều bằng chị và em vì nó ngày còn nhỏ là middle child. Nhưng mình nghĩ mẹ thương con thì con sẽ cảm thấy tình thương đó.

      1. Cám ơn HN. Mình đọc comment của HN thấy an ủi rất nhiều. Mình thường cảm thấy guilty đã không chăm sóc các con đúng mức, nên cứ ray rứt mãi.

  2. thấy nàng đi nguyên tháng trọn vẹn, post mỗi ngày với những sinh hoạt của tụi nhỏ mà khoái quá nàng ui ❤

    nhìn hình anh 2 PP lên sân khấu biểu diễn chung với các em nhỏ khác dzui quá đê. ❤

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