four years since I moved back to the midwest

Today marks the fourth year that we moved back to MN from Boston. Actually, it’s me who “moved back” and for O, it’s “moved to.” I lived in Boston for almost 10 years, and for O, it was closer to 20. We love Boston, and miss it too, but admittedly we have embraced the Twin Cities despite harsh Midwestern winter that last more than six months.

I often told O that I have explored more nooks and crannies of the cities during these four years more than I had when growing up here. Looking back to the years before moving to Boston, I had quite a sheltered and boring life. Now I am making up for those lost years with O and the boys; it’s a sweeter adventure!


5 thoughts on “four years since I moved back to the midwest

  1. Nhanh hơ, mới đó mà 4 năm rồi hả nàng?

    Sẵn đây, chúc mừng SN của em Peanut lun nà (hổng thôi sợ nay mai quên mất tiêu) ❤

    PS: Hình gia đình 4 người đẹp quá em iu ơi!

    1. tới ngày 27 mới sinh nhật nó, mà mấy tuần nay dạy nó nói “sắp ba tuổi” thì ổng cứ nói hoài, mắc cười lắm.

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