Too long of a vacation 

I took a long vacation from WordPress and blogging. Once in a while, taking hiatus is helping me from writing boring daily shenanigans. 

But then I miss writing boring daily shenanigan stuff and have lots of them to jot down. 

Mr. O is out on the field in the Big Sky state this week and next. You would think it must be easier by now that we got used to his absence since he travels quite a bit for work. But on the contrary, I have never gotten used to it. His absence caused the boys to be rebellious on the first day, knowing that the drill sergeant is not around to give them “the look” with eyeballs bulging out. I am the second-hand authority. Monday was a tough day for all of us. 
Thankfully, the tough time was reduced because the weather has been nice so the boys got to have a lot of outdoor times. PP said, that’s what summer is all about. 

This little dude is starting Kindergarten in about six weeks. I don’t know how I will adjust to his absence for more than six hours a day. Separation anxiety has snuck itself into my thinking already. 

Hôm Chủ Nhật đưa Mẹ đi chùa. Mới bước vô khuôn viên chùa chưa tới vài chục bước thì đụng mặt người cũ cũ cũ (NCx3). 

Chắc mai sẽ đem chuyện này ra để viết. 


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