when i need inspirations (photos heavy!)

Somehow today Mr. First-born was thrill about posing for me as we walked around the park earlier this evening. He was so enthusiastic that I was surprised at how much he got into the character, and even suggested at different poses for me to capture.

Wow, he looks more like a man now, no longer a boy, or a 10-pound baby that I gave birth to almost six years ago.

This black and white photo is my favorite, the way he connected to me, the way his eyes talked…so handsome!

These boys fight each other at least 100 times a day, but then they also make up and love each other dearly. PP has already told me that he will miss fighting with Peanut when he goes to school after his 6th birthday. I hope their love for each other, despite moments of sibling rivalry, will continue and last for many more years to come.

20 thoughts on “when i need inspirations (photos heavy!)

  1. Hey, those are a couple of great looking kids — and very well photographed too! You should check the label of his shirt, contact the manufacturer, and sell them the snaps for their advertising! The fourth and the fifth photographs in particular look like they belong in a magazine with “This Season’s Collection” written underneath.

    1. Thank you. It’s just for my own hobby in photography that he is willing to pose. I am not sure if he likes to do it when others ask him to. He is a bit shy.

      1. Well you’ve both got talent (one as a photographer, the other as a model).

        I’ve occasionally tried to take pictures of my sons over the years, but they never stay still long enough for me to get all of them in shot. Most of our family albums consist of pictures of heels, elbows and fingers getting progressively larger.

  2. Anh Peapod càng lớn càng bảnh giai quá chừng nè mẹ đẹp ơi. Mai này chắc gái theo về đến nhà quá hà 😉 🙂

    nhìn 2 anh em ôm nhau, nựng nhau sao mà cưng quá vậy nè ❤ ❤

    khi nào dì Quỳ mới được nựng 2 chàng đẹp giai này ta ??

      1. Hy vọng có dịp sớm gặp để nựng 3 mẹ con nàng heng. Hay chờ đến lúc đủ quân số “mẹ 3 con” rồi gặp luôn ta ? 😉

  3. Trang, I think the photos of your two rascals are amazing, heart warming.
    I saw a brochure at our county art museum calling for entries from artists world-wide for a portrait exhibition. Perhaps you should send them your photos.
    go to http://www.monmouthmuseum.org
    click Artist, click Call For Entries, click submit for details.
    the deadline for submission is 08/24/15

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