the battle that I was willing to lose

Conversation between me and Peanut…

Me: Khalam, did you or did you not take the pen from my drawer?
Peanut: Noooooohhhhh! *feigning innocence*

Interrogation continued…

Me: Khalam, what did you do with the pen?
Peanut: I don’t know!

This is him pleading the fifth. 😀

Me: Khalam, how many times Mẹ told you not to draw on your face?
Peanut: Con thương Mẹ, I love you, Mẹ, are you happy?
Me: …. (words failed me; I toss the white flag to surrender!)

No matter how much I tried and resisted from laughing, this little guy cracked my code, and I gave in, rather willingly, to his strategic approach of winning the battle. He knows that when he speaks in Vietnamese, my heart just melt. Winning!

He later told me that he wanted to be a tiger, hence the black stripes on the face.


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    1. oh yes, it was just one of those erasable markers, not the permanent kind. I used baby wipes and then washed it off with Cetaphil.

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