Peanut turns THREE!!! (photos heavy)

Yes, the day has arrived, my Peanut is three-year old today. We put together a low-key party for him yesterday, just for my family to gather and for the kids to have fun.

Here are a couple of photos, more to come. 😀

We bought the cake from Whole Food, and the minions and sugar-coated letters were from Walmart to decorate the cake. Not bad!

Pool party, backyard BBQ, and Piñata hunt — it’s the wonder of a summer birthday party.

(That’s why I planned their births in the warm-weather months.)


10 thoughts on “Peanut turns THREE!!! (photos heavy)

    1. Thank you, Kelly!

      That was a vanilla sponge cake from Whole Foods, and I bought the decoration from Walmart. 😀 IT’s the Minion-theme party

  1. moi dday em 3 tuoi rui. happy birthday con trai. 2 anh em nha nay chup hinh an anh ghe luon ah. Khi nao ddi CA hu’ em nhe

    1. chuyến đi cali bị huỷ rồi em, vì thằng em chị nó huỷ đám cưới rồi. Chị muốn vác ba lô đi một mình ghê luôn mà ông chủ không phê chuẩn vụ này. Nhưng nếu có đi sẽ nhắn tin gặp nhau nha.

  2. Happy birthday chàng Peanut nhen. Càng lớn càng bảnh giai quá chừng luôn. Mong con luôn mạnh khỏe, ngoan, giỏi nhen con. ❤

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