the joy of summer

O and I took the boys to the wading pool on Sunday. It’s one of the warmer days of the weekend, but the water was freezing. Unlike other hot days of July, the boys were in the pool for only about an hour and called it quit. We later took them to McD’s and they thought it was a real nice treat. (photos below)

O is out of town for another week of travel. I am not too enthusiastic about cooking big dinner today so I ended up making rice rolls and Vietnamese egg omelet. Easy peasy dinner finger-food style. It was a big hit for the boys, and Tendril too. I think sometimes I have to break out of the ordinary routine and make this kind of dinner. It’s sort of a novelty for the boys, and they ate up so enthusiastically.

The early evening was beautiful so we decided to take a walk at the park. That’s how they burned off their energy, and by 9 p.m., they were both in bed.

I am too lazy to clean up the pots and pans in the sink; so be it, that will be done tomorrow morning!


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