a whole new world

These are some of my newly acquired vocabulary, taught by my five-year-old:

…and the list goes on.

He has recently discovered a whole new world of boyhood: collecting Pokemon cards. It all started when one of O’s friend’s son gave him a few cards, and our neighbors’ boys gave him a few more cards. Two weeks ago we gave in and bought him a pack of the original Pokemon.

It’s the initiation of boyhood, where he is now well versed in these vocabulary, knowing all Pokemon characters and their power.

Yesterday was the National Night Out party in our neighborhood. It turned out all the boys gathered in our backyard and began showing off their own respective collections. The older boys have binders of Pokemon cards, and there were also some trading going on among themselves.

I told O that there was a Pokemon convention happening in our backyard. Here are the photos.


3 thoughts on “a whole new world

  1. I’m happy to know that kids still play with Pokemon cards 🙂 My older son (now 20) used to love these cards. The kids duel with them, and the cards can be lost to the opponent ( như chơi bi )
    The first photo I really like!

    1. i think the competition of one-upmanship will happen soon, as PP told me that they have already planned for “throwing down the gauntlet” before the end of the summer. Actually the older boys said they will teach PP how to play the game.

  2. Vậy là PP cũng vào “hội” với anh Cún rồi nha. Anh Cún và các bạn của anh Cún cũng mê Pokemon Cards lắm nè. Chơi mà lỡ mất card nào là buồn thiu vậy đó.

    Nhìn PP và các bạn quây quần chơi vui á. ❤

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