Tendril — portraits of a young lady

We are doing a test-run for her senior photos.

My sister-in-law gifted Tendril this dress and it fits her so well that I insisted taking some photos. Ahhh, this girl is beautiful and growing into a young lady. She is the poster child for mixed-ethnicity children.

I always like photos in black and white.


7 thoughts on “Tendril — portraits of a young lady

    1. She has some good mix of ethnicity in her blood. However, sometimes she does not think that she is beautiful. We are trying to help her with better self esteem and confidence.

  1. Cháu càng lớn càng xinh gái heng má Năm! Mà trong ánh mắt của ẻm, tuy cười đấy nhưng vẫn có nét buồn buồn xa vắng làm sao á!

      1. Hổng biết có phải là mắt kiêu sa hay không, nhưng bé Tendril có cặp mắt nét buồn nhưng lại quá đẹp! Mắt như biết nói thay cô nhỏ vậy á!

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