There are so much going on in my “real” life right now that I have no energy to keep up with this virtual life of mine. 

The three-year-old has kept me busy this week, running around between his doctor’s office and the Emergency room at the children’s hospital to find out what’s going on with him. Fortunately, and with blessings from all super beings, he is doing well and back to his normal self. He was having a common cold, but his immune system fought really hard without knowing when to stop, which resulted in too much exertion on the body. Therefore, his high fever of up to 103F last for more than three days and with a history of Kawasaki disease and swollen lymph nodes, we were scare that it will relapse. 


Being a parent, it is never easy when the child is sick, and it does not matter whether the illness is not life-threatening or severe, I am always anxious and on high gears. It’s fortunate that he just had a common cold and needed no medical treatment. 

I apologize for the lack of responses to comments. It was just that I hardly get to the blog or WordPress while taking care of my little Peanut, a demanding patient who always asked to be held.  


7 thoughts on “Inactivity 

  1. ui, con khoe ma mung nhat roi em oi. Nhin tui con nit benh chi cung muon benh luon. Chi rat so phai doi mat voi su so hai…Hai anh em dep trai luon khoe nha, de me dep co thoi gian viet blog cho co doc.,chuc ca nha luon khoe

    1. Cám ơn chị, ổng khỏe rồi thì ổng quậy lắm chị ơi. Dạo này nói nhiều rồi nên cũng hay cãi tay đôi nghe phát sợ luôn.

  2. Peanut khỏe lại là mừng rồi nè. Còn chuyện blogging là chuyện phụ, khi nào rảnh thì viết thôi nha mẹ đẹp! Có thời gian lo cho tụi nhỏ là nhất rồi đó! ❤


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