We are staying, I think!

Every year when cold winter comes I complained to O that I hate living another year like that. It’s like a broken record that keeps repeating the same verses over and over again. 

To make me happy, O put up his resume for recruiters to survey the market for him. We had a stint for a job in San Antonio, TX, but that fell through the crack because they were not meeting O’s salary demand. Then two opportunities came up for Washington D.C., but one he did not get and the other was once again about salary. I was also hesitant about D.C. because of the high living standard, like paying a buck for an apple here but need to shell out two bucks for the same apple  in D.C. That means we need two salaries to be able  to afford living there.  Also, the traffic…the traffic has gotten worse, that would take away quality time with the kids if he works all the way in D.C. and we live out in the suburbs. With a few important aspects of living that we factored into our decision, O gave up the opportunity. 

My point is, I am biting my tounge this time when the winter comes because we have decided to stay put. We also want to give PP stability now that he is starting Kindergarten this year. Last time when we moved here from Boston caused him a lot of distress that resulted in his behaviors at a few daycares and even at the Montessori school. 

Anyway, we are still working on #BabyNumberThree project *wink* as I am approaching the last year of my 30s. I wish to rewind the clock and to start having children in my late 20s and not having to wait until 33 to have the first one because time is running out for me. Or should I say, my eggs are aging and so there goes my fertility  probability. 

But I am being hopeful! 

So yes, we are staying in the Midwest until a better opportunity comes knocking on our doors. For now I just have to pack another year of winter survival skill and go at it again!


7 thoughts on “We are staying, I think!

  1. Dzậy là hổng có cơ hội để làm hàng xóm xứ cao bồi rồi hả em iu?

    Lại tiếp tục chờ dài cổ để được ôm 3 mẹ con em iu đây nè. Trong khi chờ đợi thì chắc ngóng tin “Baby #3” coi vẻ dễ hơn à nhen. 😉 😉 Ráng lên để tui có …đồng bọn với chớ 😉

  2. Uổng quá không duoc gan chi 😢 nếu anh O lam cho chính phủ thi se duoc telework nhiều lam chi dung lo, va flex hour nua ( 7am -3pm). Thoi ke 2 dứa nhỏ lớn hơn thi mùa đông cung đỡ cực hon 🙂

    1. O làm ở đây cũng có flex hours đó em. Every two weeks thì được flex friday.

      Chị cũng muốn xuống DC mà nghĩ tới giá cả nhà ở đó cao quá chị cũng ngại quá trời.

  3. May nam nay mua Xmas nao em cung di Ohio 10 ngay, lan nao cung gap bao tuyet 🙂 Nhung luc ve lai North Carolina doi khi em lai nho mua dong lanh cua Massachusetts y. Em chuc project Baby #3 cua anh chi som thanh cong my man nha! 😀


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