A post at almost 2 a.m. 

I have a sinus infection and am laying in bed moving gingerly to not wake Mr. O. He had woken up quite a few times already whenever I sneezed so I feel bad for doing that, even when not intentional. 

Nothing exciting has been going on in my neck of the woods so I got lazy from writing and keeping track of the kids’ activities. The fall weather stopped by during the last two weeks and with a sudden chilly air of 60F came right after having 90F weather left me utterly unmotivated. Summer does not need to end that soon. 

Oh yes, I need to write the “first” of many “first” stories for the kids’ keepsakes. This first was about traversing the Back-to-school aisles at Walmart to look for school supplies for PP. It took us two trips there and a short stop at a dollar store to complete the list that the teacher sent us. As a family we all enjoyed this first-time experience, which gave us solidarity as we anticipate a new adventure for him. 

What shocked us the most was the total cost for all of these supplies. I mean, it was not exorbitant but still costly. Yes, we certainly can afford to pay for all the items but what about families with lesser income level and single parents? I don’t think my parents could afford buying these for us if that was required of them back then. Am I too ignorant to even be concious about these kind of costs?  

Ok, ranting ends here!

PP is excited about going to kindergarten. He had received his bus schedule, room number, and even and introductory letter from his teacher. Today (technically, it was yesterday!) he wrote a short letter to introduce himself and listing his favorite things — ice cream for favorite food, green for favorite color, Pokeman cards for favorite collection, and he wants to be a zoo-keeper once he grows up. When he finished with the letter he went around between me and Tendril for help with correct spelling, although I commented that his writing needs more work, which kind of ruined his spirit a little. 😟#assholeparent. I apologized afterward. #Peace. 💚💚💚

I just coughed and sneezed which woke up Mr. O. He gruntled and asked me to sleep. 

Will write more tomorrow, or later today after dawn breaks. 


9 thoughts on “A post at almost 2 a.m. 

    1. em nhớ ngày xưa em đi học đâu có mấy đòi hỏi này, lúc qua mỹ em học lớp 7, chỉ cần đem mấy cuốn tập mấy cây viết vô là xong.

  1. Em iu ơi, mới sắm có 1 đứa mà đừ rồi ha. Còn bên này, hôm nọ sắm một lượt cho 3 mạng mà cũng hết hồn đây nè.

    Bên nhà mẹ Kiến thì cả 3 anh chị kia lên lớp lớn còn tốn bộn nữa heng.

    Em iu nghỉ ngơi cho chóng khỏe nha. PP đi học nguyên ngày, còn có 2 mẹ con nàng & Peanut ở nhà buổi sáng thôi phải hông?


    1. không phải là không trả nổi mà nghĩ tới những gia đình không có kinh tế tài phí như mình cái thấy nó sao sao đó. Ngày xưa đi học đâu có mấy đòi hỏi này đâu

      1. Thì bởi vậy nên hàng năm ở đây, tui hay giúp các hội đoàn và nhiều cơ sở thiện nguyện gây quỹ và làm những buổi “back to school – backpack project” để phát cặp vở cho các em nhỏ thuộc gia đình khó khăn đó em iu!

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