A post at 5 a.m.

Today my insomnia is at its worse. And it was all my doing to enable its existence. 

Here is what I should NOT do before going to bed — reading parenting tips from other stay-at-home moms. Why? Because after reading how they raised their children, I feel like a complete failure. Yes, yes, I understand that each parent have their own parental style but still feel so inadequate with my way. Is it normal? Or am I having too much of a load of inferior complex?

With that, it lead me to over-thinking, and over-thinking lead to toss-and-turns, and toss-and-turn lead to counting sheeps, and counting sheeps lead to listening to two sleep-inducing hypnosis programs, which ironically failed me. The final step was stirring around between the bedsheets however discretely but then *BAM* Mr. Light-Sleeper woke up. 

He did not yell at me, but the funny part was that we started having a conversation, a serious one at that, about trying new techniques to help PP having better attitude and behaviors. We argued a bit a long the way as we have different opinions, but in the end we compromised and both are on the same page. 

At least, there was a good outcome that came out from today’s episode of insomnia. 

Earlier in the evening I even set myself up with a 7:30 a.m. wake-up time, hoping to do some exercises and then make breakfast for the boys. My ambitious plan is ruined. Fortunately today is Saturday and O can take care of the boys. Wait, O is equally slee deprived this week having to take care all of the sick virus in this house. 

I guess we will have to devise a plan so that we all can rest to make up for the sleepless night. 

If I had known, I should have listened to the sleep-inducing  hypnosis programs first.

And it’s now 6 in the morning. 

Please pardon my ramblings. 


4 thoughts on “A post at 5 a.m.

  1. Let’s not believe everything people put up online chi oi. 🙂 it sounds obvious but we do need to be reminded from time to time. I have not cooked anything but egg various ways in the last week 😂 I’m almost vegetarian by sheer laziness.

    1. Chị lâu lâu nổi tánh toàn cầu em ơi. Cái gì cũng muốn làm cái gì cũng ôm vô người. Cả tuần nay bịnh nên không nấu gì nhiều, Anh O với hai thằng nhỏ ăn ở ngoài nhiều làm chị cũng thấy mình thất bại. Khi chị bịnh là toàn nghĩ gì đâu không, bi quan nhiều điều thoái hoá.

    1. Em cũng không biết trị làm sao. Em chưa uống thuốc vì không dám lạm dụng thuốc men. Dạo này em cũng ráng tập sáng thức sớm để khuya ngủ sớm mà cũng chưa được. Khổ ghê

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