Hello, Kindergartener!

The special day has finally arrived — Mr. First-Born is officially a Kindergartener!

We did a lot of preparation last night to get him ready to the day — reading book about first-day of Kindergarten, discussing about “it’s okay to be nervous”, and having a good night sleep.

This morning O and I took him to his class for orientation. We spent more than two hours to meet-and-greet with the teachers and other parents, drop off school supplies, do a scavenger hunt around the classroom, and PP to meet his new classmates.

It was a bit chaotic at first, and he seemed half-enthusiastic and a bit lost. However, as soon as he sighted the kid from our neighborhood (one of his Pokemon-buddy) he shook off the jitters and began to enjoy his time there. It turned out his neighbor-buddy also become his table-mate and carpet-mate, which means they sit next to each other at those two places in the classroom.

Tomorrow is the first full-day of attending a public school, hence the beginning of his formal education. I am taking him to the bus stop; it will be his first time taking the school bus, too.


He is turning SIX tomorrow!!!

Hanging out with Peanut before going to school.

Peanut wants to go to school, too!

Standing in front of the school entrance, about to take his first step of the 13-year of public school education.

Waiting nervously in front of his classroom to greet the teacher.

Greeting his teacher and about to step into his classroom for the first time.

Reading instruction about the scavenger hunt but not sure what to do.

Looking a bit lost and nervous, then he scanned around the room to see what other kids were doing.

Finally he found his table and assigned chair.

After this photo I helped him putting his school supplies away, and filling out a whole lot of papers for the teachers.


6 thoughts on “Hello, Kindergartener!

  1. Soooo cute! You really took me back, since I have one who’s a sophomore in college, and one who’s a sophomore in high school this year! I am so happy that you are able to be with your kids at this time in your life and theirs. I just treasure those memories as well.:)

  2. Same emotion, watching them disappeared into the yellow bus and driving home with an emptier car after college move-in. The hope that they will do ok without you and that they will have at least one good friend! 🙂
    Mừng anh lớn lên sáu !

  3. Chúc mừng anh Hai PP nhen! Chúc con có một niên học mới thật vui vẻ, khỏe mạnh và học nhiều điều vui mới nha!

    Chúc mừng sinh nhật 6 tuổi luôn nha con trai! ❤

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