Prep for PP’s sixth birthday

O and I spent the most part of our day today (and I for the last three days) preparing for PP’s birthday party. At the beginning I wanted to make it a simple gathering for just family, but PP insisted on inviting a few friends, and O invited a few colleagues with kids, and hence the whole shabang of “oh my gosh, I need to do all of these” ensued. 

I told O today that this kind of birthday party isn’t for every year because we go off our budget a bit to put together the event. I don’t want PP to expect that this kind of birthdays are the normal thing that we do but just once in a while on good occasions to celebrate certain childhood milestones. He needs to have some deprivation to appreciate the joy of having it occasionally. But even with this kind of parenting rationale, we also question ourselves if this is the right way to teach our children about refraining from the wants of excess and overindulgence. I guess we will know when the times come later on in their adulthood and the choices they make for their lives. 

Anyway, the reason we throw the birthday party event this year is to celebrate a enbarkment of his formal education– entering Kindergarten. He is starting to have more friends outside of the existing social circles and going to Kindergarten is indeed a milestone that he has reached. 

I am praying that the weather-God will bless us with good sunny weather. The weather forecast indicates scattered thunderstorm with 50% chance of rain for tomorrow but I hope weather-God will reverse that or at least reduce the chance of rain to a lesser percentage. 

I did two DIY lawn games for families, both grown-ups and kids can play – Bocce and ring in the bottle necks. I also bought a face painting kit for more colors. Depite my insistent protest due to budget constraint, O decided to rent an inflatable bouncy house for the kids to go crazy and to burn off their energy. You see, between the two of us, O is the one who tends to go  excessive and overindulgence when it comes to the things that bring our children joy. I am more on the money-conscious side since Frugal-Fanny is my middle name. Yes, really!

Here is my menu:

  1. Chicken wings slow cook in BBQ sauce, I am utilizing my crockpot for this. 
  2. Vietnamese-flavored meatballs in curry coconut peanut sauce. I bought about 7 lbs of ground beef, on sale at Target, and made 162 meatballs on Thursday. They are in airtight ziplock bags and currently reside in the freezer. 
  3. Pasta salad with grapes, roasted pine nuts and feta cheese. 
  4. Vietnamese fried rice, gifted from my sister in law. 
  5. Hot dogs and buns
  6. Chips and homemade salsa
  7. My back-up dish is lemongrass beef salad rolls, in case we run out of food. 

I was also planning to make tea-time sandwiches but O vetoed the proposal because he said it’s too much work for me. He wants me to be part of the party and mingle with the guests instead of standing in the kitchen making food like any other time we hosted in the past. I, too, want to enjoy the party tomorrow. 

This six-year-old is being spoiled this year. I told him earlier today that when I celebrate my 60th birthday he has to return the favor. He looked at me and asked, is it next year? He cracked me up. 


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