At 17…

at 17, I was very ambitious and wanted a world of opportunities to myself. I made plan for each decades of my life that lied a head. 

And I want so much to share my worldly experience so that she could think of her own worldly experience fills with dreams and aspirations. 

I tried as much as I could, with words and actions, with teachable moments, with hugs and with joy over good food, with everything I could possibly think of. 

I wanted very much to instill in her the confidence that can take her through the tough time and for her to enjoy the rewards that she will reap. 

at 17, she has made her choice and I hope the choice she made will bring her a world of happiness, in any shape or form she creates for herself. 


9 thoughts on “At 17…

  1. Oi chuyen nay Ba me nao cung so nhat. 2 Anh chi chac cung nhức đầu lam roi. Ma Em no Nhu vay Thi càng cần anh chị hơn nữa. Ở Mỹ được cái là Không bao giờ quá muộn để bắt đầu lai dau chi.

  2. Trang,

    Chi co the hinh dung duoc su lo lang cua em. Tuoi vi thanh nien o day day chong gai va ca dau kho nua.Nhung moi viec roi se on thoi. Tat nhien chi cung dong y day la mot su lua chon khong phai mong muon cua chung ta. Chuc em va chau luon manh gioi, vung vang. Chuc chau nhieu may man.

    1. Nó đã quyết định mọi chuyện rồi chị. Nó sẽ dọn về với mẹ nó một thời gian rồi sau đó dọn về ở chung với gia đình bạn trai của nó. Em phải buông tay thả lỏng nó rồi.

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