Creating a stronger connection

I like to write a note the night before and leave it in PP’s lunch box. Along with the note to remind him how much he is loved, I also include a joke or a riddle. He looks forward to reading it everyday since starting Kindergarten last week. 

This is a great parenting tip that I could think of to keep him excited for school, to connect him with me even when we are not together, and to help him with reading. He is now at a reading comprehension level where I can express my love via the notes like this. I love to see his face during pick up time when he told me the answer to the jokes and riddles. 

He told me that at lunch time he read the note out loud and shared the joke or riddle with his friends. I think this is also a good way for him to be socially connected his peers at lunch time, and not being excluded. 

I am collecting these hand-written notes to be included in my own biography later on in life. They will be the priceless heirlooms. 

12 thoughts on “Creating a stronger connection

    1. You are welcome. I am still a novice at this but because my son likes to be challenged or else he gets bored easily. After assessing his learning style I decided to do this and also to connect him with me. It seems to work very well.

  1. They are treasures indeed! I remember having to print my letters too way back when my kids could not read cursive 🙂 Someone told me recently that our school does not teach cursive writing anymore. Is this so in Minnesota? My sister told me her son’s friend (11th grader) cannot read cursive. I was surprised to hear this but, I can understand the reason. Kids now mostly read printed words via electronic devices.

    1. I am not so sure about teaching cursive. I have to check with the school. I don’t know why schools don’t teach that as it is also important for life-long learning.

      1. Trường đám nhỏ nhà chị vẫn dạy viết cursive. Mỗi ngày nếu có thời gian chi cũng ráng viết notes cho tụi nhỏ lúc pack lunch. Tụi nó thích đọc lắm.

      2. em nghĩ là phải dạy viết cursive, như căn bản của việc học hành. Nếu không có cursive thì mai mốt làm bác sĩ sao viết toa thuốc được hén?

    1. Thank you chị. 😀 My handwriting is not quite nice most time, but to make it legible for a Kindergartener to read, I have to slow down and shape the letters carefully.

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