Peanut’s first day of preschool

I know what you are saying, my blog has now been dominated by mundane posts about the kids, and is inundated with their photos. What can I say, THAT’S MY LIFE nowadays, and I cannot escape from it.

Back to the current events…

Peanut also started Preschool this week. His first day was Tuesday right after Labor Day but due to insufficient paper work that are important to state regulations, I was asked to take him home until I have those submitted. He was sad and disappointed at first, but I took him to the big park to make up for it. As soon as he got to the park he forgot what upset him in the first place.

Apparently, these photos were taken before I knew about the late paperwork.

Today was his second day of Preschool and the director pulled me aside at pick-up time to tell me that he is way too advanced for his age group. O and I decided to pull him out of two-day per week class and put him in the three-day group. He will be in the next level of the older 3-year-old and early four-year-old kids. I hope he can catch up to the next level.

And yes, he, too, is also interested in Pokemon, thanks to his older brother’s influence.

He is my mini-me. 😀


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