Anniversary gift

Mr. O is not a gift-giver, and neither is he romantic. For our anniversary and my early birthday present he bought a mid-size quality treadmill. I guess I would call that practical because we are investing in our health being. 

I am getting on the 21-day routine that helps forming a habit of using the treadmill. Aging isn’t entirely fun. Along with gaining wisdom I also gain an incredible amount of weight, which is hard to fight off as my metabolism is not as youthful as it once was. Don’t we all experience the same thing? I think I am going through the early stage of mid-life crisis now that I am very conscious of everything about physical changes on my body. 

Back to our anniversary, can you believe that we haven’t bought our wedding bands yet? It’s been a seven-year delay. We are just an odd couple in our own right. 


7 thoughts on “Anniversary gift

    1. After I passed my 30s birthday I knew that my body was not the same. After two pregnancies I abandoned my wish to return to size 2. The weigh just pile up.

  1. Happy Anniversary! That’s great about your treadmill! I know it’s not romantic, but that really is a great gift. We are the same way after 20 years now…very practical, but it’s okay. When you love each other so much, things just don’t matter as much. And I’ve got one in a private high school and one in a private college…so there you go!

  2. Chi oi, I just watched Inside Out, and I thought of you. You shared that Noah had to adjust when you moved from Boston to MN. This cartoon is exactly about that 😉

  3. Vợ chồng chị khg mang nhẫn cưới từ lâu. Anh T thì bị chật, còn chị mỗi khi ra đồng phải tháo ra vị khg được mang nên chị lười luôn.

    Có quà là vui rồi. Bên này thì tools for him và kitchen stuff for chị. Lol.
    Khi nào em bắt đầu dùng thì nhớ làm report nhe, một cách động viên đó.

    1. Em tập được 10 hôm cái đâm ra bị bịnh lết không nổi rồi phải bỏ hai ngày. Hôm nay em chạy lại.

      Em thấy ở nhà có máy treadmill tiện quá luôn chị ơi. Thoải mái lắm chứ không có sợ ngại ngùng như lúc đi Gym

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