My October, Day 1 — regrettable moments

Here I am, claiming October as my month once again!

Today I have made a mistake, and I regretted it.

Peanut and I took O to the north side of town for his dental work, and while waiting for O during lunch hour, we were hungry. I drove by a Vietnamese deli and decided to give it a try. We usually don’t go to Vietnamese restaurants for fear of disappointment, but we were hungry. This place is known for its Chinese style BBQ of pork, duck and chicken for purchases by the pounds, but they also offer about a hundred of other dishes listed on their menu. Typical Vietnamese restaurant!

I thought I went for a sure bet, and ordered and rice plate of five-spices pig innards for me and a chicken Bánh Mì for Peanut, thinking that if they are known for their BBQ then the food must be good.

(I just realized that I misspelled “regrettable”, oops, sorry!)

Well, the first few bites were great until the aftertaste of MSG left me almost gagging. The meat was so MSG-laden, as if they poured pounds of it into their marinate, which became concentrated in the sauce. I chugged down two glasses of water to save myself from dehydration but it did not work. They did not clean the innards well so I could taste that gamey grassy smell.

The Bánh Mì was just below average — the baguette was so chewy that Peanut could not even tear if off with his teeth. The chicken was so dry like wood, but thanks to the sauce that help soften it a bit. The best part of the meal for me was the pickled daikon and carrots.

They charged me $13 for this plate, and I thought it was only $9.95. When I asked the waitress, she said I ordered a combo, which I did not. She went to the owner but the owner yelled at her in the back of the counter, which I overheard, so I decided to go with it, saving the girl her payday.

Anyway, the best deal of the day for me was getting two Halloween costumes for the boys for $7.98 at a thrift store; Peanut’s costume was nearly brand new. Cannot get a better deal than that!

They are very excited for Halloween!


6 thoughts on “My October, Day 1 — regrettable moments

    1. nhà hàng á châu hay việt nam ở đây làm tụi em thất vọng lắm chị. Mỗi lần đi ăn là em tiếc tiền hùi hụi vì cảm thấy họ không bỏ cái tâm vô những món đồ họ nấu, toàn làm cho có mà làm.

  1. Nhìn dĩa cơm vậy mà giá đó thì thất vọng tràn trề thiệt rồi!

    Nhắc vụ halloween costume thì cũg mới sắm cho 3 đứa giặc bên này xong nè. Mới vào đầu tháng 10 là đã nhắc Halloween rồi á 🙂 🙂

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