My October, Day 3 — the scheming Mama!

I’ll tell you the reason I became a bit of a scammer.

PP’s class has started the 20-minute a day read-a-thon, and his teacher asked us to read to him at least 20 minutes a day. For the incentive, by the end of the month, if he brings back the recording sheet to the teacher, and if he completes the mission, he will get a free Pizza Hut pizza.

This kid loves pizzas. So here comes my scheme!

Well, since PP can now read level one and two, I omitted a few information during the relay of the message and told him and O that PP needs to read 20 minutes every day. Mr. First-Born is duped (in a positive outcome kind of way!) that he is tasked to accomplish such mission, so for the past three days he is doing his due diligence.

This is all for a free pizza at school…and I manipulated it with a twist of truth!

Highlight of the day:

My husband got kidnapped by the zombie…


5 thoughts on “My October, Day 3 — the scheming Mama!

      1. riết mới nhớ ra là định nói PP & Chuột Nhắt đều đua nhau đọc sách để lấy pizza miễn phí á ! 🙂 🙂

        Mà PP giỏi đó mẹ đẹp à. Mới lớp Mẫu Giáo mà siêng đọc vậy là tốt lắm đó! ❤ Keep it up, PP!

        PP có mẹ đẹp kèm cặp mỗi ngày vậy là quá tốt luôn rồi! You are the best, mẹ đẹp ơi!

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