My October, Day 4 — fortune in a misfortune. 

Our car battery died today while we were out and about. Luckily we did not have to tow the car because there was a car care center a few blocks away. The manager let us borrow the battery jumpstart kit and then he squeezed us in in between other repairs to get our car running so that we could go home. He even gave us a family discount because he said the two boys were cute, and when PP spoke a few Spanish words that he learned from our former caretaker, the manager was sold to PP’s cuteness. The manager is a Mexican-American, by the way. 

In the end, we shelled out $160 bucks to replace the battery. Good thing that it happened today and not during a winter storm. A fortune in a misfortune!

Anyway, while waiting for the battery replacement, I kept the kids busy with pens and papers so they can doodle until their hearts were content. 

And this was Peanut’s drawing of my portrait. When he was done and showed me the drawing, he said you are pretty, Mẹ!  😍 He also told me that he wrote I love you. So funny, his I love you became I U L in the end. This boy still has long way to go before he can really write. 

But nice try, nonetheless! And my mouth looks like a pig snout. OINK OINK!!!



9 thoughts on “My October, Day 4 — fortune in a misfortune. 

  1. Hey there Nguyen! I found you through a friend (or a friend of a friend) and your blog looked interesting so I thought I’d tell you. It’s October, and in honor of my birthday month I’m hoping to find 10 fun and exciting bloggers a day and strike up a conversation with them; who knows, maybe you’ll come visit me and join in the fun, maybe even follow? Have a good one!

  2. Peanut vẽ mẹ đẹp vậy mà mẹ còn thắc mắc chi nữa? Em biết viết luôn “I love you” là ngon lành rồi đó. Mà em vẽ mẹ có đủ mắt, miệng, tai, tóc đàng hoàng nha (chỉ thiếu mũi thôi ờ) ❤

    Way to go, Peanut!

    PS: nói vụ xe bị hết bình điện (battery) thì hôm nọ tui cũng bị, mà ngay lúc bố Cún không có nhà nữa. Kéo xe về đến tiệm Autozone cho họ thay luôn (vì thường mua bình điện ở đó có bảo hành và họ thay chi miễn phí). Sau khi trừ đi tính lại thì chỉ còn trả chưa đến $90 nên cũng đỡ. Giờ thì đỡ lo trong vòng vài năm nữa 🙂 🙂

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