My October, Day 5 — ouch, that’s a piece of my flesh!

I went to see a dermatologist today for a general skin check-up. It’s been almost seven years since the last time I saw one. 

But anyway, the dermatologist found two abnormal looking moles on the right side of my abdomen; one was about 5 mm and the smaller one is just the size of a fine-tip ink pen. She decided to do the biopsy for both for further testing. I am now wearing a Dora-band aid to cover the open flesh where the bigger mole was taken out. It is a bit of a discomfort. 

I just hope that both are benign and nothing that comes close to cancerous. 

Anyway, after telling her that my last dermatology exam was seven years ago, she suggested that every woman should see a dermatologist every year once you reach 40, if not then every two years. She said we tend to neglect other areas of our skin even though we pay a lot of attention to our facial skin. 

So true! So please all my women friends, go see a dermatologist soon if you have not done so!

Other than that, the highlight of my day was being able to take an hour nap while letting Peanut watch his favorite show on PBS. 


9 thoughts on “My October, Day 5 — ouch, that’s a piece of my flesh!

    1. cám ơn chị. 😀 da em rất xấu nên lúc còn trẻ hay đi bác sĩ. Sau này bận bịu rồi cứ dần hồi cho đến bây giờ đó chứ.

  1. nhờ nàng nhắc ta mới nhớ là lâu lắm (chắc cũng 6-7 năm hay hơn) chưa ghé dermatologist lại nè.

    Khi nào có kết quả vậy em iu? Mong mọi sự bình an nhen! ❤

      1. hẹn rồi, qua tháng sau mới đi! Cũng nhờ nàng mà sực nhớ ra vụ này á! 🙂 🙂

        Biết kết quả tốt đẹp là mừng rồi nàng héng! ❤

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