My October, Day 6 — Our pet is Pete the Cat!

O and I had the first parent-teacher conference for PP earlier this evening. We were not surprised at what the teacher reported back to us because we both know our child very well. He is a bit advance in reading so now the teacher has to challenge him at a higher reading level in class. As for Math he is right at the level where other kindergarteners are. We just need to be consistent in teaching him a depth of understanding placed values and counting by 1’s, 2’s, and 5’s. 

This kid gets bored easily, and when he does he tends to become impulsive with no self-control. That’s one of the two things he has to work on. The second one was learning to take directions from teachers and other adults at school. This was one of the reasons he was dismissed from five daycares/preschools in the past. 

Today he came home from school and told me that he was on Green (good behavior color chart) when I asked him about it. But when I probed further then he told me the truth that he had two warnings during recess which put him in the Red zone. When asked about the lies, he said because he does not want to see me being disappointed at him. Tonight before bedtime he and O had a long conversation about trust and privileges. I don’t know how much he understood the concepts but he seemed appreciative for the one on one conversation. 

Parenting is hard work, y’ll! O and I always said to each other that we wish to have a manual of how to know what our children are thinking so that we know how to approach issues when they come. 

Anyway, the preschooler did not have school today so he and I spent the day together. We worked on letter tracing, sounds, and cutting papers. We also did some arts and craft and this is what he wanted me to draw for him. 

Pete The Cat. 

I am  getting a bit tired of Pete The Cat but it looks like Pete is the current favorite cat at our house. 



7 thoughts on “My October, Day 6 — Our pet is Pete the Cat!

  1. mẹ đẹp nên vẽ cũng đẹp luôn ❤

    Gặp những nhóc như anh PP thì phải challenge nhiều nhiều thì ảnh mới đỡ chán nản thôi. Có con thông minh là còn bị mấy thầy cô giáo phàn nàn cái vụ "talking to much in class", "not follow direction",v.v…..đại loại kiểu vậy hoài thôi. Trừ phi gặp thầy cô giáo chịu cho mấy ẻm này làm thêm bài hay project khác thì mới đỡ đi 1 chút 🙂 🙂

    Welcome to my world, dear! 🙂 🙂

      1. ngày xưa vô đại học là art major đó nàng, mà qua năm thứ hai thấy nghề đó theo sẽ nghèo rớt mồng tơi nên thôi, chuyển qua học cái khác, mà kết cuộc cũng nghèo rớt mồng tơi.

      2. Chèng ui, hèn chi mà vẽ đẹp quá chừng hà! ❤
        nghèo gì mà nghèo? em iu "giàu" hơn tui nhiều đó! Tin hông?? Giàu nhất là thời gian giành cho tụi nhỏ đó! ❤ hugss

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