My October, Day 7 — Krazy Sockz Day

Wednesday Kindergarten Koolness’s theme for this week is Krazy Sockz Day. We rummaged through PP’s closet and only found boring socks in black and gray. Not Krazy enough for school! I suggested that he wear my socks, but he refused at first, I am not wearing women’s socks, Mẹ! until I told him that’s the whole point of Krazy Sockz Day.

To upgrade the Krazy effect to another level, I let him wear two different socks with two different prints. Finally, it was Krazy enough for him to agree.

Morning walk to the bus stop. The photo is blurry on purpose, since I don’t want to show their faces.


One thought on “My October, Day 7 — Krazy Sockz Day

  1. Hôm nọ, anh em nhà Cún cũng có Crazy Socks Day, tụi nhỏ khoái mấy trò này lắm ờ. Đến truờng, thấy các thầy cô giáo cũng mang y chang, đủ kiểu, đủ màu, nhìn vui dễ sợ luôn á!

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