My October, Day 9 — picnic and nature walk with Peanut

Happy Friday, or TGIF!

I am writing this post while a pot of chicken phở is simmering on the stove. Cold weather gives me that craving for comfort food that involves hearty broth.

Within the two and a half hours that Peanut was at school this morning, I got to do all the grocery shopping needed. I even had enough time to pack a picnic basket to have lunch at the park with him after picking him up from school. I packed fried rice, Greek yogurt, chips and homemade salsa (surplus of tomatoes from fall harvest).

This is one of the best perks of being a stay-at-home mom; I have the luxury of taking the kids out for a picnic on a weekday, just like today.

After eating our lunch at the park’s playground, I asked Peanut to go for a nature walk and he agreed. At school the teachers take the kids out on nature walk at least one day a week, therefore he knows what a nature walk was about.

Our Nature Walk. (photos galore!)

The day is gloomy, but temperature isn’t too bad. We just bundled up in our coats but did not need hat or gloves yet.


6 thoughts on “My October, Day 9 — picnic and nature walk with Peanut

      1. Hi Trang! It’s beautiful now in Ohio! But with the wind and rain coming, I think I’ll be seeing bare trees soon! Trying to enjoy as long as I can, though! 🙂

  1. Trên đó bắt đầu vào thu rồi ha nàng! Thích quá đi. Khoái tấm hình của chàng nhỏ và lá vàng che ngang mặt đó. ❤

    Love all the pix ❤

  2. Beautiful pictures, you’re so talented! I am gonna miss the boys since you stop showing their pics on this blog (but I respect your decision)! All bests!

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