My October, Day 10 — Boo Fest and October is the best month. 

We took the boys to the Boo Fest in Saint Paul today. There were many activities throughout the day but we were there quite early and the only activities they had going on were petting zoos and free pony rides. We skipped the pony rides because the line was long and we were impatient, but the boys got to pet and feed a alpaca, a camel, some cows, goats, and sheeps. 

The boys had so much fun that they wish Halloween would come a bit early. PP even said that I am lucky to be born in October because it is the best month of the year. I am sure when it comes to December he will say the same thing. 

Photos of thei fun time will be posted tomorrow. I am a bit tired to load them up on the laptop today. 

In the meantime, enjoy these photos of the mottled leaves that I found, which have an intricate beauty in their imperfections. 


11 thoughts on “My October, Day 10 — Boo Fest and October is the best month. 

    1. cám ơn chị. Cái này gọi là chụp theo kiểu silhouette hay là backlighting đó chị. Em thấy mấy cành cây lá này nhìn thì không đẹp nhưng em thích những ô trống khi bị mấy con sâu bọ nó cắn ăn nên chụp theo kiểu này mới thấy cái vẻ đẹp giản dị của thiên nhiêu tuy không sa hoa träng lệ như mấy hoa lá khác.

  1. Trang, em lai lam chi muon cam cai may anh len qua, lau qua roi chi chang co thoi gian nao ma ro toi cai may anh.Cam on em chia se hinh tuyet dep nhe. Chuc ca nha vui khoe.

    1. em iu này đi mô tê mấy ngày nha, về lại thì làm một dàngggggg….mà đến hôm nay tui mới có thời gian mở laptop lên ngồi gõ trả lời tình yêu.

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