My October, Day 13 — school lunch

Last week PP got yellow-warning almost every single day, and I was so upset. He is a smart kid, but not emotionally mature, hence his behaviors got him into troubles at school. I mean I don’t expect him to be acting like a well-behaved adult who has control of his behaviors, I just want him to be more focused and learning strategies that help him staying out of troubles.

So Mr. O and I came up with a privilege-based merit system and discussed the terms with PP. It is stated that the day he receives yellow or red note, then for lunch the next day I will not write any notes, jokes, riddles, or draw any stick figure pictures. We know he enjoys reading my personal love notes and jokes/riddles immensely, and hope that by taking away this privilege would serve as a reminder for him at school. We also agreed that if he gets a Red card, then that night he would go to bed early, lose his time to hang out with Mr. O, and no note/joke/riddle the next day.

But anyway, yesterday he came home all glowing and smiling. Without me even asking he proudly announced that he was on GREEN the whole day. So I promised that I will make hot lunch and deliver it to him today, including the love note and a joke.

Today I made panko chicken cutlets (to eat with BBQ sauce) and sweet potatoes tempura. One of his favorite combination for lunch. And he wants it warm, and crunchy. (I spoil my kid too much!)

Great food; Peanut-approved!

He loved it when Peanut and I appeared at the hall way just in time his class was lining up heading towards the cafeteria. He spotted us, I saw the glint of joy in his eyes, the little smirk on his face, the confident hand-wave. It was truly a moment to treasure; unfortunately I could not take photos at his school without permission.

Once he sat down with his friends at the lunch table, I lingered at the cafeteria door watching him a little bit. He immediately took the note out and read aloud, then showed it to his teacher the joke. His friends also wanted to know what joke and drawing I did this morning. He ate his food heartily, and then he searched around to look for me at the door with the same happy smirk, and a blow kiss.

There it is, another perk of being a stay-at-home mom. 😀 I might not have a professional job, or a title, or extra income to help with our family budget, but that short and sweet visit to see PP makes me feel so rich. No money could buy that priceless moment for me, and neither could any professional title in the working world. Moments like that help validate my decision to stay home with the boys.

By the way, the joke for today is:

What do ghosts like for desserts?
I-Scream and Boo-berry pie.

I did not make it up, I took it from a website after googling “pumpkin jokes”.


11 thoughts on “My October, Day 13 — school lunch

  1. Priceless time em. Chị không được cảnh này, có năm bên Trung Bông anh T mỗi ngày đem lunch qua trường cho tụi nhỏ, ảnh thích và tụi nhỏ cũng thích lắm. PP có chịu ăn lunch ở trường không?

    1. Cám ơn em Nâu đã theo dõi mấy năm nay. Vì không thấy comment nên cũng ít biết có bao nhiêu bạn đọc người Việt biết blog của Trang. Nếu biết sẽ viết thêm nhiều bài tiếng Việt để chia sẽ.

    1. vậy để tui đem hai cục vàng xuống đó hùa với ba cục vàng kia nữa là tui với người iu có 5 cục vàng giàu to. Chứng khoáng New York hay HỒng Kông còn không mua nổi nữa.

      1. chờ mang luôn 3 cục vàng xuống đây nhen, cho thành 6 cục vàng luôn. Nói gì chứng khoán New York hay Hồng Kông, ngay cả cả thế giới này cũng mua hổng nổi đâu ờ 🙂 🙂

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