My October, Day 14 — Fall break!

Both of the boys’ schools have Fall break for three days this week; today is the first day!

PP is more than excited to stay home. He said that he hasn’t been spending time with me that much since he started school a month ago and he missed that. My weak little motherly heart fell for this sweet talking. I write it down today so that I can hold it against him in the future when he wants to spend his school breaks with friend and girlfriends instead with his mama.

I planned for a few activities but somehow I did not have the energy to put up with it; the boys ended up watching Baby Looney Toons until their brains were rotten while I was making pecans sugar-coated with maple syrup. (It’s a deadly snack for my new fitness-healthy routine!) Then later in the early afternoon I asked them to help me with cleaning the house. PP was on the floor with a wet napkin paper scrubbing dirty spots, and Peanut was picking up toys and putting books away. They gotta work and earn their merits for the pecan nuts.

I promised them that we will make trips to the library and big park tomorrow.

Mr. Peanut was somehow cranky and did not want to take photos with PP.

And then some self portraits. 😀

Someone photobombed me!


5 thoughts on “My October, Day 14 — Fall break!

    1. Tại thằng em nó muốn kéo thằng anh đó chị. Nó còn kêu anh nó phải ngồi xuống chứ không được đứng lên, vì đứng lên sẽ bị tứ ngã.

      Cám ơn chị khen em. Cũng là công sức cả tháng nay em tập đi Bộ đo chứ.

  1. Bển được nghỉ Fall Break heng, thích vậy. Tụi nhỏ bên này hổng có Fall Break, phải chờ đến Thanksgiving thì nghỉ nguyên tuần luôn.

    Nhin tấm hình anh nhỏ kéo anh 2 mà dzui quá chừng à. ❤ ❤

    Mẹ đẹp dạo này siêng tập thể dục lắm phải hông, mi nhon quá nè ❤

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