My October, Day 15 — solar suckers

First off, the biopsy results of my abnormal looking moles came back today, and they are benign *PHEW!!!!!*  I had been waiting in half a state of anxiety. Finally, I can breathe easily!


On the second day of Fall break, I took the boys out to the big park and they had a great time.

What cracked me up was when PP came to tell me that a group of older kids were not being nice, and he called them solar suckers. At first I thought he said soul suckers and asked him to repeat, but he acted out the term and defined solar suckers are those who suck the sun out of your fun time by not being nice, like all of a sudden there was a rain shower down pouring while he is playing in what was just a sunny day a little while ago. 

I also noticed the big kids were pushing younger kids away while chasing each other and they bullied some kids by not letting them getting into the sliding tubes and blocking entry ways. Apparently no grown adults were there to tell them to stop, I had to speak up when one of them pushed Peanut down the climbing ropes and Peaput almost hit his head against the iron bar. The big kid just shrugged it off and uttered an ignorant whatever  at me then walked away. So disrespectful!

PP was right, those kids were a bunch of solar suckers, indeed. I told him that I wish when he gets to that age he would be more considerate and thoughtful than what those kids have showcased. He said, I don’t want to be a solar sucker, ever! 


9 thoughts on “My October, Day 15 — solar suckers

    1. me too, if I see that they are not being nice to little kids I speak up, or ask where are their parents so I can talk to them instead. Usually the kids will stop and start being nice.

  1. PP quá dzui luôn nha. Thôi, dì Tr. cho mượn PP vài hôm để cho anh Cún có bạn chơi chung với coi. Mèng ui, tưởng tượng 2 ông này mà đụng nhau chắc ……..quên đường về quá hà! 😀 😀

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