My October, Day 18 — what’s the professional title for a full-time mother?

I love lazy Sunday!!!

Lazy Sunday, we woke up at 9 a.m., the boys came into our room and four of us snuggled in our warm bed until 9:30 because they were hungry. I would have slept some more if it weren’t for making pancakes.

Lazy Sunday, I have been in my pajamas all day with no need to change up for presentable attires because I didn’t want to go anywhere. O took PP out for an errand (buying milk, eggs, and cleaning supplies) while Peanut took a nap and I just cleaned up the kitchen getting ready to make dinner.

Lazy Sunday is one of my favorite day of the week!

Onto a different, unrelated topic!

I need to update my resume for some important matter, but I got stuck at “Full-time Mother, June 2013 to Present.” I was so tempted to write down my title as “Managing Director of Household Operation” and list all the bullet points of my duties. But I read it somewhere (as in some parents’ forum), and some commenters suggested that full-time mothers should not even put that in the resume, and let the employers ask during the interview. Wouldn’t employer want to know right upfront about the gap in employment?

(Katie, my HR specialist friend, what do people in HR office would like full-time mothers like me to put on their resume if they stay home full time to take care of the children?)

So that’s where I got stuck, and my resume is still left idling in a word document, with nothing new to show.

Photos of the boys at the Mall of America yesterday.

Looking at a train set, drooling over it!

The three stooges of my life. Please ignore the other behinds.

On a Backyardigans something something, I have no idea what’s it called.


10 thoughts on “My October, Day 18 — what’s the professional title for a full-time mother?

  1. Chơ` nàng cập nhật resume để mai này lỡ cần, tui còn biết đường níu áo chớ. Nói chớ, gần 9 năm nay, tui chưa hề cập nhật resume của tui lại đó nàng ui.

    1. vậy là tốt đó, làm một chổ như vậy 9 năm có nghĩa là thích việc đó. Tui cũng muốn trở lại đi làm để lấy tiền về hưu đây nè.

      1. thì vài năm nữa, chờ đám nhỏ lớn thêm chút nữa rồi nàng đi mần lại cũng còn kịp mà! Giờ thì lo giữ gìn sức khỏe để chăm sóc đám nhỏ và gia đình trước nhe nàng ui! ❤

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