My October, Day 22 — somebody is in trouble!!!

This post was written on Friday, October 23. 😀 I am a bit delayed in keeping the series a daily routine. Things got in the way with my me-time so sometimes I don’t get to sit down and pour out my thought.

But here is the story…

I got a call from a school administrator on Wednesday to let me know that my Mr. First-Born was in trouble and was sent to the Quiet Room by his teacher. Apparently he and two other boys got into an altercation with a fourth-grader girl during recess time. From what Mr. First-Born told me over the phone that afternoon, that the boys were chasing the girl around the playground during recess, and playing a little too rough. The two boys received the “Oops” slip to send home to the parents, while Mr. First-Born got a yellow warning. When he came home in the afternoon I probed further and he said he kicked her, which was not true, as I found out from the teacher the next day.

I later found out from the teacher (Thursday, which mean yesterday) that the two boys were trying to hit the girl while my Mr. First-Born was standing at a distance trying to spit on her. I eventually asked Mr. First-Born why they chased the girl and he said she was mean to them, and calling them stupid Kindergarten.

He was quite remorseful and accepted his fault. We discussed about consequences and next-steps, which is taking away two privileges (hanging out with Mr. O, and no TV time for the rest of the week.) He also wanted to write an apology to the girl and delivered it the next morning to her classroom (he told me today!)

Even though we were upset and disappointed, we took this opportunity to teach him about bullying — being a bully and being bullied, neither one of them is a good thing to do/have. What the girl allegedly said to them was not nice, but chasing the girl and hitting/spitting was even worse. I told him that he was at a bigger fault, because he could have called a teacher over for help, instead of taking part of the altercation. Hopefully he learns how to problem-solve in this kind of real-life situation.

Here he was, writing his letter of apology.

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