My October, Day 23 — the step I take as a parent

The narrative for October 21 post was updated. Then I also updated the October 22 post in case you did not see it.

Mr. First-Born redeemed himself today, coming home with a Blue Ticket (which is a good-behavior ticket) to surprise me. He was so ecstatic coming home and asking me to wait until he prepare a surprise, and called me to come up while I was waiting in the basement.

We added one privilege back to his enjoyment, which is hanging out with Mr. O after dinner (they are dancing to youtube music videos right now upstairs while I am downstairs writing this post for you!) Mr. O even bought a cupcake for him to celebrate. I don’t know whether or not our incentive system works, but so far so good, and that PP is learning strategies to control his impulses and behaviors at school.

Call me a neurotic mother, but I even signed up for an online course entitled Developmentally Appropriate Child Behavior, just so that I am more equipped with the language to use and strategies to help him. I am taking a community course in November in Child Development. It’s a eight-hour course to get a better understanding of raising children in our modern and technology-driven society. Hopefully I will see some light in helping PP to become a better version of himself, and that he can function better without being too impulsive, which is currently too distracting for him. Academically, he is doing very well; it’s the social emotional skills that he lacks.

and then an unrelated topic…

In an effort to balance my healthy body, I tried to eat less red meat. Today’s lunch choice was this rather bland soba noodles in chicken broth with tofu and bok choy. It was not that good at all. I really failed it!

Now that my posts are up to date, I am going to jump on the treadmill for a few miles of walking.


3 thoughts on “My October, Day 23 — the step I take as a parent

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