My October, Day 29 — bad day

I am having one of those bad moods today. It bothered me a whole day and finally I realized just now the cause of it. 

Mr. O and I have been together for so long and he has gone through many occasions of being the subject of racism, both institutional and the mere ignorant-stupid kinds. He knows that I am affected by these situations he faces so sometimes he does not want to share with me until it becomes unbearable for him to bear that I learned of what happened. He is currently going through one right now that I, too, feel the pressure and frustration he is under. It kills me every time when I see him trying to put a facade just to cover up and not letting me being empathetically affected by it. 

I hope the situation will come to an amicable resolution soon so he can come up from the water and breathe again. He did nothing wrong!

Is it possible that my children will grow up and live in a racism-free society? I am hoping that the answer is YES. 

7 thoughts on “My October, Day 29 — bad day

    1. Em cũng mong vậy. Being hopeful và cũng phải dạy tụi nhỏ biết cách cư xử với người khác và biết tôn trọng sự khác biệt văn hoá. Mong là lớn lên nó cảm nhận được.

  1. Trang ơi chồng Liên người Ấn, ra đường dân Sing người ta cứ nhìn hoài thôi, châu á với nhau mà còn phân biệt ghê lắm. Tui mặc kệ cho nhìn

    1. Oh vậy là Liên hiểu Trang nha. Hồi xưa chưa có con mà còn ở Boston đó, hai đứa xuống phố tàu là bị mấy bà xẩm xì xào sau lưng rồi chỉ chỏ tùm lum hết. Sau này có con thì họ nhìn mình, nhìn con, xong nhìn ông O coi hai thằng con nó giống ai. Vui lắm.

    1. Yeah, it’s really uncomfortable for Mr. O as he is a very calm and friendly person. People were just intimidated by his no-nonsense professional attitude.

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