My October, Day 30 — Good bye, 38!

The last day of me being 38 was well-spent!

Both boys have their school Halloween party today so I got busy in the morning trying to get them dressed up and faces painted. I, too, dressed up for PP’s party as a Japanese Female Warrior to go with his Karate Kid’s costume. It was fun to dress up and have my face paint, however, I was not skilled enough and my face ended up looking a bit funny.

After the party I picked up Peanut at his school, he did not even recognize me at first. At a red-light stop I looked over to the car next to me and an old lady was shocked upon looking at my face. I had to mouth to her that it was for Halloween party. Then at Wholefoods people were also smiling at me, saying that it was a nice costume. Some even said Hakuna Matata to Peanut as he is the war-hog, Pumbaa, from the movie Lion King. He was a bit shy when receiving attention.

Here was my attempt at being the Japanese Female Warrior, except I had no sword to carry. I borrowed the kimono from the Japanese restaurant that I once worked the summer after my first year of college.

Celebrating the 39th-birthday a day early!

O and the boys took me to a fancy Italian restaurant in town. It was our first time there and we had such a good experience.

I had freshly made squid-ink fettuccine with clams and white wine sauce. It was on the small portion side, but bursted with great flavor. The pasta was just al dente, with a good nice bite into it.

The manager even gave me a free birthday treat. 😀

Getting up there on the hill as 39 will come tomorrow. 😀


11 thoughts on “My October, Day 30 — Good bye, 38!

    1. Cám ơn chị. Thấy tụi nó vui em cũng hùa theo đó chớ.

      Em sẽ sống với tuổi 39 theo lời chúc của chị – trẻ trung và đẹp nhất đời người.

    1. Cám ơn chị. Halloween là ngày của tụi nhỏ. Thấy nó vui thì mình hùa vô vui chung. Chứ lúc chưa có con thì sinh Nhật/Halloween hai vợ chồng đâu có làm gì đâu. Ở nhà phát kẹo coi TV xong vô ngủ. Mà Đa số là sinh Nhật em thì O toàn đi công tác xa nhà.

    1. Cám ơn chị. Em đi ngang qua cái hẻm thấy người ta treo đèn lung linh quá đẹp nên nhờ ông O chụp vài tấm mà chỉ có tấm này không bị mờ thôi đó. Hay không bằng hên!

    1. My friends kept telling me to say that it’s my 21st birthday.

      But then that means I will cheat myself and my husband and the boys because they weren’t there in my life when I was at that age. It’s been a better life with them in it, so 39 it is!

      Did your teenage step children still go trick or treating?

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