My October, Day 31 — 39 and keeping it like fine wine

Well, hello, 39!

I must admit that I come to you with a bit of trepidation, knowing that you are the last year of my 30s before my age gets promoted to a new number that begins with FOUR. 

But then time is a sure thing, once I approach you, I cannot go back. Therefore, I must accept that you are finally here, you are my last year of the happening-30s of my life. It’s been the greatest nine years so far with life-changing events – got married, gave birth to two awesome boys, and being content with my role as a stay at home mother. These were the things embedded with so much fear and uncertainties in my 20s that took me on quite a roller coaster. And then while planning out my 30s, all the great things happened to me with so much blessings. 

I am hoping to close this decade  of my life with a great sense of authenticity so that my 40s is an extension of the simple life I want to live. I want to be more spiritual, finding the calmness that keeps me grounded and content. 

Dear 39, welcome to my life! Let’s keep it simple and age like fine wine, shall we?


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