I saw some flurry snow today

There was a sign of winter today – snow. 

Thanksgiving is next week and I have not even ordered a turkey in advance. O and I decided not to host this year because both of us are going through a difficult time which  requires me to take it easy and be healthy again. Hosting and cooking a feast is just beyond my capacity right now so we have my younger brother and his wife to host. 

These past two weeks have been hard for us, particularly yesterday and the day before that. I cannot talk or discuss it right here in public right now but in due time when I am ready I will divulge. I just need to catch up with both physical and emotional tolls that I was on. It takes sometime to get there. 

I know I have not blogged regularly and my blog lost its stamina. I, too, lost my interest in writing. That also takes time for me to regain energy and inspiration. 

In the mean time, thank you for checking in!

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