Coping mechanism — cooking

To help me cope with the situation, O asked me to cook real food for him. He and the boys have been eating out almost everyday since I was bed ridden for more than two weeks. I felt so bad for them but was unable to carry on the task. Yesterday O took me grocery shopping to gather all stuff for beef phở. Now the beef broth pot is on the stove simmering for another five hours. 

O and the boys really keep me afloat during this difficult time. 

The other day Peanut asked me to close my eyes so he could do some magic. When my eyes were closed, he said a-da-ca-Ba-Ba or something like that. When he asked me to open my eyes, I only saw him mooning me with his butt sticking out. Oh gosh, I was laughing so hard at his magic act; he did all that just to break my blues. 

O also managed to take me out of the house for a change of air. On Saturday we took PP to a classmate’s birthday party. It was at a glow-in-the-dark bouncy-house play yard and upon seeing all the fun thing to play and jump, Peanut did not want to leave. He became a party-crasher and acted like he belong. O and I laughed so hard looking at him enjoying himself along with his older brother. It was a nice break to have connected with other grown-ups, too. 



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