when it snowed

The first snowfall of the season was this past Monday. The weather forecasters predicted that there would be a heavy snowstorm of several inches later on the day and through the night, but fortunately, it did not happen. I went grocery shopping and prepared to hibernate for a few days and now the fridge is still full of meat and vegetable.

The boys had a blast early in the morning on their way to PP’s bus stop.

The snow has since melt away as the temperature rose to a warmer setting.


3 thoughts on “when it snowed

  1. Nhìn cảnh tuyết muốn lạnh theo mà nhìn thấy 2 anh em đùa chơi vui quá là quên lạnh luôn mà ngược lại rất ấm áp nữa là đằng khác!

    Mùa này, mỗi lần đưa tụi nhỏ đi học hay ra ngoài là …ngại nhất nè héng!

    Sắp nghỉ lễ rồi, xuống xứ cao bồi trốn lạnh vài hôm đi em iu ơi! 🙂

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