dream catcher, catch my dream!

Sometimes I wonder about the mathematical function of how long should you mourn a loss. What are the variables and derivatives that determine the days, the weeks, the months, and perhaps the years of that you spend thinking of that person. Should we multiply, divide, subtract, add, and or even put an exponent into the root of it. Which calculation method would yield the exact answer, or perhaps give some probability? What about lapsing back into the depth of that grief when you thought you have already climbed yourself out of the abyss?

I took a walk out to my backyard for a breath of fresh air…

Even the weak ones still survive the frosty temperature of December, and I, perhaps…I should too. Perhaps…perhaps…!


8 thoughts on “dream catcher, catch my dream!

  1. I am wondering whether the plants you have watched are also mourning because of the frosty temperatures or due to other unpleasant matter? We can’t hear them but even if you cut half of the plant, it will normally definitely survive without any problem.

    1. thank you for the kind words. I know living things like plants have soul too. But it’s amazing how they can survive the frosty temperature on their own, and then when spring comes they are back sprouting their soul times and times over. 😀

    1. em thấy mấy cây hành mỏng manh vậy mà chịu lạnh chịu gió hay thiệt. Qua mấy tuần bị đóng băng lạnh vậy mà tụi nó vẫn còn sống. 😀

      Mình cũng phải học từ những cây cỏ yếu đuối này phải không chị.

  2. Take it one day at a time, chi. Some days are bad, some days are really bad, but eventually there will be not-so-bad days. Let yourself go through the ritual to find a sense of closure….

    1. cám ơn em an ũi. Có nhiều lúc chị cảm thấy mình không đủ kiên nhẫn để cứ lẩn thân vào nổi buồn. Bế tắc nên viết ra vậy thôi.

      RỒi cuộc sống vẫn tiếp tục tiếp tục theo quỹ đạo mà đi

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