Winter break has begun 

I sent Mr. O off to Northern Virginia to visit his mother, aka, my mother-in-law because it’s been almost two years since the last time they saw each other. I wish I could take the kids and go with him too but the cost is too prohibitive for the four of us to take a week-long trip. Hence I am home hanging out with the boys and the three of us are going off the axis of the usual routine for the fun of it. 

Yesterday after dropped Mr. O off early in the morning I took the boys to the Children’s Museum in Saint Paul. The museum is sponsored by Target corporation so it’s free admission on every third Sunday. I love free stuff, if I don’t need to pay and the kids still have a fun and fulfilling day to get them exhausted, then I am there! But after five hours running around from floor to floor and refused to go home. I was the one exhausted keeping up with them. 

Then for dinner I made French toasts and eggs. Yep, breakfast for dinner; what do you call it? Break-The-Dinner!!! See, I told you I tended to go off the axis when Mr. Drill-Sergeant is out of town. 

I also promised them for a movie-popcorn-hot chocolate time but we ran out of popcorn so I baked them a coconut cake. But hot chocolate was easy since I have all the ingredients at home; I even added a few small marshmallows floating on top. The boys were just in heaven for the rare occasion of sugar rush. I fell asleep while they were watching Winnie The Pooh. 

In the morning when dropping off Mr. O at the airport, PP was being teary saying that he didn’t want his daddy to leave. But after being treated like a royalty at home (my off the axis routine) he now wants Mr. O to take more overnight trips. Kids!!! They are full of innocence!!!

So now I just need to get over the cold virus to continue provide fun entertainment for the next five days and four nights until Mr. O is home again. 


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