Life with two boys — Winter Break 2015 Edition, pt. 1

It’s only the third day with them alone, and I am already losing the weight of my patience. These boys do push my buttons, knowing that the ratio has been reduced to 2-to-1. Two of them, and one of me!

As I wrote in the previous post, the boys and I spent our Sunday at the Children’s Museum. They sure had a lot of fun. I wish I did not have to carry a heavy backpack and being dragged around for five hours; or else I would have enjoyed it much more without the back pain.

But first thing first, we stopped by Panera for breakfast to fuel their energy. Each of them have half a bagel and cream cheese, half a blueberry muffin, and one cup of milk. That was enough to last them for a few hours until lunch.

Per Mr. O’s permission, I am allowed to post the boys’ photos. And be warned — lots of photos.

A somewhat matching outfits, so that I can spot them easily among the crowd at the museum. This trick worked quite well!

They always have something to share with each other. It’s a nice thing to have two boys closer in age; they share similar interests. At least for now, they do!

We walked from the parking ramp through a big building in downtown St. Paul, kind of deserted during the weekend, and I asked them to post for me in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Here is another one with real poses. Maybe not, but nice try!

We finally entered the museum. Let’s the fun begin!

Face painting. Peanut really got into the groove of his character.

PP painted the face himself, hence, it’s an original piece of art.

This is their second favorite place — Waterworks. What a marvelous ideas to have different water station for kids to explore. This is the real STEM-focused project!

This was how Peanut wet his shirt and in a few moments later you will see his ruggedness with a sleeveless tank top as an undershirt.

PP attends a STEM-focused school, so this place was the science lab for him.

So rugged, so dangerous!

They moved to various rooms and exhibitions after an hour at Waterworks. Their most favorite place is the Disco Ball, per the majority vote from our poll on the way home. The room was set up with flashing lights and disco balls, with a DJ station that the kids themselves can choose various songs to play, a TV and camera so the kids can see themselves performing, and different musical instruments for them to use. The green background was there to help with digital graphic arts on TV.

Like this…

The kids were mesmerized at how cool the backgrounds were.

Dance like nobody is watching you.

Get your grooves on, kids!

The last room they visited was the prairie exhibit. At this point I was too exhausted to take any more photos. Also, PP ran off to play with his “new” friends while I kept watch the little Peanut (who was acting up, by the way), and I freaked out for about five minutes until he heard me calling him. He was deep in the ant colony that it took him a while to realized that he needed to check in. My heart was coming out of my chest!!!

It was really stressful to take these two boys out to such a crowded place by myself. They are not normal kids!

…and it was a hot-chocolate and cake night at home.

I love these sweet moments that they share. And these moments are truly my salvation that save me from insanity.

ok…maybe one more photo. 😀


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