Life with two boys — Winter Break 2015 edition, pt. 2

The real snow storm has begun earlier this evening. It is predicted that we will get about 10 inches or so of the winter white. Fortunately, kids are home for winter break and Mr. O is still on vacation, and I stocked the fridge with enough grocery to get us through until Wednesday when the roads are clear. I guess it’s going to be a cozy day for us tomorrow. 

PP came down with a stomach flu last night due to eating undercooked pan seared salmon that I made for dinner. I feel so bad about it that it was my fault to cause the kid going through a rough night of vomitting. Mr. O was up for the care-taking task because I am still recovering from the cold virus I couldn’t do it myself. I got up once at 3 a.m. when PP asked to have me lay next to him in his bed for a while. Other than that I was in snoring-land, knowing Mr. O will take care of the rest. Isn’t nice to have another responsible adult in the house sharing parenting work? He received the Dad of the Day award, no doubt!  So I got up early in the morning to make them fresh pancakes, apple compote, and egg omelette for their breakfast. 

After having lots of rest, fluid, and much obliged TLC from us, PP has gotten better today. He seemed well tonight before going to bed. Mr. O will have uninterrupted sleep tonight; at least that’s what he is aiming for. 

I will post photos tomorrow!


9 thoughts on “Life with two boys — Winter Break 2015 edition, pt. 2

    1. cám ơn chị. Em vẫn còn trong cái khái niệm là mình trẻ sung sức nhưng thật ra là immune system nó yếu xìu. Phải vận động thân thể lại cho khoẻ rồi.

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