art therapy

Peanut has some difficult developmental growth since the end of Winter Break. He returned to school last week with a host of behavioral challenges. Same thing happened at home. It seemed like a different kid came to our house overnight and acted like Peanut. I am pulling my hair dealing with all these changes every day.

He gets upset very easily, and the same is for crying. Once or twice a day he switches on the attitude and decides to be a baby, meaning that he only knows how to point and babble at things he needs/wants, and refuses to use his words.

At school he refused to participate, and clung onto the teacher’s hip the entire day. Today upon dropping off he told me he was scared, and did not want me to leave him there. One of the teachers quickly scooped him up into her arms and asked me to walk away immediately. At picked up he said he hated everything — his friends, his artwork (which he wanted to tear it off and throw it away), his rug space, his chair, his toilet…almost everything at school.

It’s frustrating, but I know that his brain is working on overdrive with so much going on at this age. So part of me is relieved that he is normal; it takes more on my part to find ways to help him growing in a positive way.

But it is still stressful and frustrating, no less.

Last night I read the “The Ways I Feel” book about different feelings and emotions. Today I tried a new technique to get him learning to draw those feelings out. He likes drawing, so this technique seemed to work.

He wanted the Minion face-paint, so I pulled out my face-painting kit. He also drew a horse, then later he said it was a hare. Either way, both begin with the letter “H” which is his favorite letter.

His collection of launching rockets; they were actually glitter pens.

Here he was, telling me his feelings — sad, happy, and scared. I just taped a few large pieces of white paper on two walls in our dining room, and let him walk around with markers and glitter pens. Whenever he threw a tantrum, or just wanted to be a “babbling baby,” I asked him to draw his feelings out if he chose not to use words.

Cross my fingers…I hope this new technique will help him, and most importantly, it will help me to stay in my sane zone.

Mr. O is off to the boonies again for a whole week. I need my sanity!!!


12 thoughts on “art therapy

    1. tui là loại neurotic mother mà, phải tìm đủ cách dạy tụi nó. Tụi nó là tough kids, không có bá chủ ra tay thì tụi nó lên làm bá chủ là tui chết queo.

  1. Chi doan la P no nghi o nha lau lau di hoc lai no cua quen thoi em. Bua truoc chi thay cung co 1 be nhu vay, truoc Winter break no vui lam, ma vua di hoc tro lai ngay dau tien, no lam du qua, troi oi dap cua la loi om som. No lam co giao no gian qua chung luon vi den bua khong an uong, pha phach, la het. May bua sau chi qua tham, no lai ngoan ngoan tro lai rui. Tre con vay do. Dac biet la may chang nghe si, nhay cam vo cung. Nuoi thi cuc, nhung ma yeu lam em oi. Ba me con o nha vui nha, viet deu vao de chi co cai doc, hi hi.

    1. cô giáo với bà chủ nhiệm cũng nói nó là bị chứng “chán” sau winter break. Mà em thì lại chịu không nổi cái chứng nằm dạ, không cho gì thì ổng nhảy đổng đổng nằm ườn xuống đất, nhất là trước đám đông.

  2. my pooor sweet boy, hễ mẹ cho baby ngủ mà Tìm lon ton tới là bị đuổi như chó, mẹ thì hiss “shhhh, go upstairs, now!!” Tìm thì tay cầm something he wasn’t supposed to have mà đã bị him destroyed tan nát, muốn xuống khoe thành tích, bị đuổi thì từ từ quay đít mồm kêu “okay, okaaay…!”

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