my petite sous chefs

Mr. O has been very adamant about not letting the boys into the kitchen for fear that they would get burned and hurt along the way. He is the kind of father who is overprotective and it’s all out of love. But sometimes I tell him we need to teach the kids different skills, and let them explore their curiosity, as well as fostering their confidence.

PP has wanted to help me making dinner for a long while. I let him helped me with baking in the past, but would not let him anywhere near the stove. Today, one of his daily activity journal assignment is to help make a simple dinner, so the opportunity was there, and I could not reject his helping.

I taught him how to make Vietnamese egg omelette; it is one of the boys’ favorite dish that we eat whenever Mr. O is out of town for business travel. At first only PP was in the kitchen, and then Mr. Peanut saw the fun thing PP did with cracking the eggs, and then he insisted on joining.

Nevertheless, their first dish was a success. PP was tasked to crack the eggs, and Peanut would do the beating/mixing. PP added the fish sauce and Peanut added the sliced green onion (that I prepared for him), PP helped turning on the stove and adjust to the right temperature, and spread the oil with the brush. Peanut did the pouring of eggs into the pan, and PP put the lid on.

They took turns to carry out the tasks as I coached them to do. They even took turn to wear the apron that my mom made for me. It was a challenge to have these two little rascals trying to help at the same time. My heart was palpitating whenever they got a bit too close to the hot stove. But I kept my watching eyes like a hawk on their fingers and hands.

The end results were nothing short of magic; they licked their plate emptied and even said that it was one of the best egg omelette ever because they actually took part in preparing and cooking it.

If my cooking were not that complicated and time-consuming, I would have let them help cooking every meals with me. 😀

Keeping an eye on the omelette, and waiting for it to be cook.


8 thoughts on “my petite sous chefs

  1. Nhìn cái mặt chăm chú kìa! Cưng quá chừng vậy đó!

    Ừa, bố Cún cũng không muốn tụi nhỏ vào bếp vì sợ phỏng này kia. Nhưng rồi tui vẫn cho anh em Cún vào bếp phụ mẹ vì tụi nhóc thích lắm!

    Mà đúng ha, tụi nhỏ tự làm món gì là ăn sạch bách (rồi còn đòi thêm) kìa. Thích vậy thôi á. 🙂 🙂

    Precious moments! ❤

    1. Cái nhà bếp tui nhỏ xíu sợ xoay qua xoay lại tụi nó bị phỏng nước phỏng lửa mà có tui một mình dọn dẹp nên cũng oải lắm. Hai thằng lại rất tay chân thấy gì là cầm ra làm đồ chơi.

      1. tụi nhỏ nhà tui cũng hay lôi đồ trong bếp ra phá lắm nè. Nhất là 2 cô nhỏ, đã có giàn bếp đồ chơi đủ kiểu rồi, nhưng vẫn chui vô bếp mẹ lôi đồ thiệt ra phá, khoái hơn 🙂 🙂

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